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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "make a move" - dee holt

dee holt’s latest single “make a move” wants you to know that you’ve got nothing to lose– so make that move. The longer you wait, the older you get, and by the time you gather enough nerves to finally do what you want to, the chance might already be gone. So, be the fool, make that attempt, and try as best as you can because if you never take that initial leap, you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting not having done it. With such powerfully-charged lyrics, bouncing reggae-style guitar, and smooth vocals, “make a move” is all slick and sly, and encourages its listeners to get out of their comfort zone to take that chance before it’s too late.

The first thing you’ll notice about “make a move” is just how groovy it is– there’s something so hypnotic about how the strings and percussion pull you in with their cyclical beats, coiling around one another as dee’s vocals tie them all together. Her voice has this slightly whispery quality to it, which I feel matches the song’s energy perfectly. “make a move” is also insanely catchy; the lyrics have a similar circling motion to them, like the instrumentals, and when you listen to the chorus you can really feel it. As dee sings, “Haven’t seen you lately / Yeah I’ll make a move / Yeah I’ll make a move”, you get yanked into this vortex of should-I-shouldn’t-I of making that choice, that chance, to make a move. Of course, the song’s lyrics are all about making that jump, in spite of looking like a fool, since you’ve got nothing to lose. Once you put all these factors together– rhythmic instrumentals, fantastic vocals, and a message that wraps the song together so nicely– “make a move” is easily identified as a uniquely singular pop song that coaxes you in with its superb composition and addictive beats, all while telling you to just make that move!

Montreal alt-pop singer-songwriter dee holt’s musical career only truly began after her first performance, which was at a little gathering between her boyfriend’s parents and hers where they would meet. She played the guitar while facing the wall, and when she turned around it was a group realization that dee had a gift for music. Since then, she’s created a creative bond with local producer Benjamin Nadeau, had her vocals compared to Billie Eilish by SHEESH Media, and was named the “one to watch” by Teen Vogue. Her debut single dropped in 2020 entitled “Hardest Part”, and her debut EP “When I Close My Eyes” released in 2022 to countless streams and playlist covers– it even gained a Spotify billboard in downtown Toronto. With the release of “make a move”, dee is also going to be appearing at the Sommo Festival at Prince Edward Island in Canada this September, where she will perform alongside artists such as Noah Kahan, Maren Morris, Half Moon Run, and many more. If you enjoyed “make a move”, check out the rest of dee holt’s discography and take a look at the Sommo Festival while you’re at it!

Written By Alexa Leung



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