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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Make A Scene" - Dasha

Dasha’s “Make A Scene” is all about living to the fullest and not caring for a moment what anyone else thinks about it. When you have a partner who you are so enthralled and entranced by, sometimes you just have to have them… whenever and wherever you are. In the best moments of love and lust, you and your person are in your own little world. The world is your stage, and it seems like everyone bought a ticket just to witness. If in love, be all the way in love. If loud, be the loudest ones in the room. It’s the age old sentiment… let’s give ‘em something to talk about. Dasha is making a scene, and I think we all want to see.

This alt-pop track is seeped in sensuality and drama. Dasha’s vocals are captivating and really make you want to make a scene. The slow-building instrumental is very reminiscent of the story she’s telling. A night starts out with your lover, endless possibilities ahead, and as the drinks start flowing, the tension is building, the inhibitions start releasing, soon enough your connection is magnetic, and there’s nothing in the universe that could pull you apart. The slow, seductive tempo melds perfectly with her stunning, vivacious vocals that completely captures the meaning of the song. “Make A Scene” is all about expressing your love and feeding your connection, no matter the time or place, and this song is the perfect backtrack to any night out. With a love or just the girls, it’s always time to make a scene.

Dasha is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from California. Dasha’s music career skyrocketed with her release of her EP, $hiny Things in 2021 which garnered her millions of listeners and doting fans on Spotify and TikTok. She began writing music and performing at just 12 years old, and her world has always revolved around the arts. “Make A Scene” is a featured single from her epic debut album Dirty Blonde, and as an incredibly talented rising star, Dasha is sure to make a scene no matter where she goes.

Written By Grace Chapman



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