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  • Jordan Elliott

REVIEW: "Make It" - Keegan Israel

Make It is the latest single from the Singapore pop singer, Keegan Israel, and an absolute banger at that. This is Keegan's first drop of 2024 and hopefully, a sign for good things to come out of the artist throughout the year. The song tells a story about being in a relationship with a person where even if there are bad days, they are determined to 'make it,' as the song's title suggests. The first verse shows the contrast between the couple's methods of dealing with hardships as Israel states, "When I'm sad, I write it all down/When you're mad, you let it unwound." The second verse has the singer show hope for growth in his relationship with lines such as "So put on the pain, it'll be worth it/Love is a verse, we'll keep writing." While the verses may be on the more melancholy side, the chorus balances this out with positivity when Israel confesses to his lover that "I'll love you when it's over/And I'll love you forever/And I, I promise you this/You and I are gonna make it." In a market that's been crowded by breakup songs, I am thrilled that Keegan Israel has given us a make-up song.

Make It combines a lot of both electronic and acoustic elements to create a fun and upbeat pop song. It kicks off with a booming synth and a fast-paced drum beat that had my head bouncing immediately. Later on, Israel joins in on his acoustic guitar to create a blend of both of these styles that works very well. I was a huge fan of Israel's raspy but powerful voice. On this track, he reminded me of Lewis Capaldi... but singing about much less depressing topics. The production reminded me of the early 2010s in the best way possible. Make It contained some hints of old school Big Time Rush, Justin Bieber, and One Direction while also being reminiscent of modern classics like Chemical by Post Malone. If Israel keeps putting out hits like this, he will be a household name in no time.

Keegan Israel's Apple Music bio states that it's impossible for an artist to choose their favorite album of all time, but if he had to pick, it'd be the soundtrack to the Shrek movies. I truly believe this answer fits his music very well because just like All Star or I'm a Believer, his discography would be the perfect background music to a whirlwind adventure. Israel released his debut commercial single in 2022 with More and followed it up with three more in 2023. Alongside the recent release of Make It, he dropped a lyric video directed by Aline Zoe which features him singing, dancing, and playing guitar in a small room all shot from a birds-eye-view perspective. In the description of the video, Israel says, "We all need a bit of encouragement, love, and positive energy!" Now, that's a message I can get behind. Check out Make It and all of his other songs available on all platforms now.

Written by Jordan Elliott



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