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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Makeup Bag" - ADUDA

In our modern society, physical appearance and outside opinion have become so prominent in everyday life, especially with the advent of social media. This technological age is a breeding ground for insecurity, comparison and the constant desire for idealized perfection. ADUDA confronts this growing issue in her new single, “Makeup Bag”. The pop song communicates empowerment to listeners with heartfelt lyrics that inspire confidence, self-love and embracing one’s inner beauty. Nevertheless, ADUDA relates to audiences, relaying the continual strength it takes to realistically maintain self-acceptance. For instance, the verse “Being strong never felt so tiring, incapable to avoid the fighting” captures the perseverance and work it takes to resist self-doubt and the urge to compare oneself to others, especially celebrities or models. ADUDA’s compelling lyricism and angelic vocals allow “Makeup Bag” to thrive as an enchanting and motivational piece of art.

“Makeup Bag” begins with the inclusion of underlaying, echoing vocalizations, paired with whimsical synth noise. A simple drum beat adds the perfect dazzle of percussion to the single, giving it that head-bopping rhythm. ADUDA’s beautiful Portuguese accent and subtle rasp add a unique twist to her stunning voice. She displays her talent for singing by hitting powerful high notes, including ethereal vocal runs and utilizing her higher register to beautifully harmonize with herself. The song’s inspiring chorus showcases strong vocals and a faster paced melody. From a technical and lyrical standpoint, ADUDA’s hit single, “Makeup Bag” sets the bar high for what I hope is a long-standing, successful musical career. Along with her growing fanbase, I can’t wait to see what comes next for this standout artist.

ADUDA is an emerging Brazilian Pop artist, aiming to take the 2023 music scene by storm. Her debut single, “Makeup Bag” has already achieved mass succuss with over 20k streams on Spotify alone. “Makeup Bag” has reached a wide variety of audiences internationally, with some ADUDA’s biggest fanbases emerging in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna. In fact, her song is featured on multiple highly followed, German-curated Spotify playlists such as, Putzen Aufräumen and Frühstuck. The singer-songwriter's love for music creation and singing spurred from her immense listening to international pop, which enabled her to learn the English language and melody structurization. Some of her biggest inspiration is drawn from Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Khalid and Tove Lo. ADUDA’s musical mission is to empower her listeners with messages of self-confidence and determination. “Makeup Bag” has earned high praise from various music review platforms such as, WONDERLAND Magazine, EARMILK, Music Crown, VENTS Magazine and EX Independence. With such success after her first release, it’s safe to say that ADUDA is a rising pop artist to watch as her music career grows.

Written By Julia Hooper


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