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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Maniac" - Shawn Desman

Ravenous lunacy, malicious intent, psychopathic tendencies, that’s what one usually thinks of when hearing the word “maniac”. But in Shawn Desman’s song, “Maniac,” the word takes on a more endearing and positive connotation. In fact, it goes as far as being considered an attractive quality. With the lyrics in the first verse stating, “She’s so venomous//Wraps around you takes just what she needs//And then she leaves” and lyrics from the second verse, “You’ve never met a girl like her before//And you want more” the song implies that he’s completely entranced by her personality. Quite possibly to the point that it’s blinding. In my opinion, with the hypnotic instrumentation and memorable lyrics, the song itself may be even more enchanting than the girl.

What goes around, comes around, especially musical trends. There’s no doubt this song was inspired from different musical eras with its 70’s groovy trumpets, the 80’s striking electric guitar and nostalgic beats, as well as the smooth lo-fi R&B rhythms of the 90’s. These references pay ode to some of music’s best production qualities—making the song extremely catchy. Shawn Desman’s voice is just as charming as the music he’s singing to, creating an addictive dynamic and forcing you to have no choice but to dance.

Shawn Fernandes, better known as his stage name, Shawn Desman, is a signed Canadian pop artist and songwriter at Universal Music Canada. His career endeavors also include acting, dancing and humanitarian work. Shawn Desman has been successful within the artist realm since 2002, as his self-titled album featured three top ten singles on the Canadian charts: “Shook”, “Get Ready” and “Spread My Wings”. He has also garnered 2 gold singles, 1 platinum single and Video of the Year which was received at the Much Music Video Awards to his name. After seven years, Shawn Desman has picked up from where he left off, releasing his newest hit single “Maniac,” proving that it’s never too late to get back into the game.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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