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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Manifest" - Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu does not let anxious thoughts and self-doubt crowd her mind in her latest single. “Manifest” is about owning who you are and claiming what you want. Through confident lyrics, Lu manifests what she wants for herself—in both her career and personal life. She determines that she deserves the best and will not let herself settle for anything less. This is a lesson that many people need to accept for themselves—that they are allowed to fight for what they want. Lu utilizes clever lyrics throughout the track that supports this notion and brings her thoughts to life. In the chorus, she sings: “I am healthy// I’m divine// Everything I want comes in the perfect time// What I wish for// Will be mine// Know the universe and I always align.” The first two lines she uses uplifting phrases to bolster self-love and acceptance. The subsequent lines are her declaring that, no matter what happens, everything she desires will come to her because she has requested it for herself. These are confident, reassuring lines that not only apply to Lu, but can also boost the confidence of listeners. After these lines, she reveals the clever hook that ties her thoughts together. She sings, “I manifest everything I desire (Manifest)// It will be mine cause I know what I like (Manifest).” Lu has no doubts that her manifestation will come through for her, as it has many times in the past. With the amount she has accomplished in her career, it is clear that manifesting has worked for her. Through “Manifest,” Lu articulates her strong belief that manifesting what you want will lead to endless roads of opportunity, making this an unforgettable addition to her immaculate discography.

“Manifest” is a flawless dark-pop track composed of a moody production and confident lyrics that perfectly encapsulates Lu’s captivating artistry. The song kicks off with a guitar riff that is met with eerie synth sound effects after the first measure. When the verse starts, a bass drum is introduced to provide the dark beat. Lu’s compelling vocals effortlessly guide the listener through the lyrics, astounding them with her unique voice. In the pre-chorus, a bass is subtly introduced, playing a similar riff to the guitar but in an octave lower. The bass provides a unique dynamic as it follows the guitar up the riff progression, but does not follow it back down. In the background, there are simple finger snaps and vocal layers that enhance the distinct production. In the transition from the pre-chorus to the chorus, Lu brilliantly crafted the song so it sounds like there is an increase in tempo, even though there is not. This is an excellent example of her impeccable, unmatched songwriting ability that proves her talent is a cut above the rest. Throughout the chorus, synth sound effects are utilized as a harmonic melody, increasing the dark atmosphere of the track. Additionally, there are reverb and delay effects added to her vocals, making a slight echo that is heard in the background. A high ding signifies a switch to the clever hook, where the vocals are layered in an octave higher. Between each line, Lu mutters in her lower register, “Man-i-fest,” pulling the emphasis on the title and showing off her impeccable range. The second verse returns to the original production, with extra synth sound effects added periodically. Rather than the layered vocals singing the same note in the pre-chorus, they harmonize with Lu’s lead vocals this time around before the production explodes back into the final chorus. The outro of the track is an extension of the chorus utilizing previous lyrics. Lu’s muffled voice punctuates each line of the chorus with the lower register lyric, “manifest.” After the last declaration of the title, the song ends abruptly, making the listener naturally compelled to play the song on repeat. “Manifest” is an ingeniously written dark-pop song that further enriches Lu’s unmistakable, individualistic discography.

Felicia Lu is an indie-pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Germany, currently based in Vienna, Austria. In 2014, she made it to the finals of the RTL Talent Show, “Rising Star”. Then in 2017, she was a contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest. She returned to the world-famous contest in 2022 with her song “Anxiety” and placed fourth for Germany. With both “Anxiety” and her next biggest single, “Pay,” the two tracks amount to over 3 million streams on Spotify. Furthermore, Lu has a total of over 14 million streams for her entire discography on the platform. She has 2 extended play albums and several stand-alone singles. Her music is full of relatable lyrics and captivating melodies that draws the attention of listeners.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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