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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "MARATHON" - Will Conn

Love is often unpredictable, leaving us with conflicting or overwhelming emotions. Relationships come with ups and downs, leaving lovers to face difficulties and overcome challenges. The emotional turmoil can prove to be exhausting and leave us with the need for comfort. Will Conn perfectly captures this in his new single, "MARATHON." The track navigates the highs and lows of relationships and the whirlwind of emotions that accompany them. Creating something many can relate to, Conn's new track incorporates the universal theme of love's rollercoaster journey throughout its lyrics.

Blending genres, "MARATHON" fuses elements of pop, rock, folk, and country together to create a unique listening experience. The track features a guitar-laden soundscape, having a sound reminiscent of some Ed Sheeran hits. Conn's crisp vocals steal the show, delivering relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. Demonstrating the artist's impressive songwriting abilities, Conn keeps listeners hooked from start to finish with infectious beats and energetic choruses. Whether you've been scorned by love recently or not, "MARATHON" is a true masterpiece that will have everyone coming back to listen again and again.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Will Conn is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter that is heavily influenced by pop music. Conn's journey has been profoundly impacted by his grandfather, Denis O'Dell, and his musical legacy as a prominent British film producer known for his work with The Beatles. Having an intense love for songwriting, Conn's ultimate goal is to share his music with the world and bring joy to his fans. He draws inspiration from Ed Sheeran, being influenced by Sheeran's style and genre. The artist is just getting started, having released a handful of singles, including "MARATHON," "Not Mad," and "Far Apart."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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