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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "March" - Max Rae

Being yourself can be hard. The media says ‘be like this’, people in our lives say ‘be like that’. There’s always someone trying to tell you the way to live. Max Rae is here to empower you with her new song ‘March’. She is over listening to others and living an unauthentic life. Instead, she uses her own self confidence to start living the life she wants. People will gossip and say what they want, but Rae doesn’t care. She’s ready to live her life on her own terms and is encouraging everyone to do the same. Find your own marching beat with this new pop anthem.

‘March’ starts off quiet with Rae speaking about how the expectations of others can be a burden. She quickly establishes her independence with the lyrics, ‘I refuse to live my life in fear/ so you can say what you want, what you want about me’. Each verse ends with this reminder to unapologetically be yourself. That being said, Rae also understands the struggle in being confident. There’s a back and forth throughout the song as Rae is met with the criticisms of others, causing her moments of self-doubt, but reminds herself to stay strong. The music reflects these ups and down, starting off with a low and heavy beat that continually builds to become strong and fun in the choruses. These ups and downs reflect the path many face when living their lives unabashed. The song ends on a high with Rae repeating the word ‘march’, leaving listeners with a lasting reminder to keep your head up and be true to yourself.

Max Rae wants to perform for the world. With a background in dance, Rae is dedicated to making the best shows possible for her fans. Inspired by artists like Whitney Houston, she hopes to leave a lasting impact on audiences. ‘March’, is available to stream now on Spotify. Keep an eye out for the music video, premiering April 22nd!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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