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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "marco polo" - TALLOU

Marco Polo. A game of tag typically played in a pool or some body of water, where one party shouts “Marco” and the other responds “Polo” in an attempt to find the first. TALLOU’s recent release, ‘marco polo’ puts a spin on this game, by relating it to how through breakups and new relationships you constantly feel like you’re losing and finding yourself over and over. The lyricism of connecting a child’s game to adult experiences and emotions proves how talented TALLOU is, and how important motifs are to her music. She ties the title and the lyrics together through the chorus, when she sings “I still can’t find myself outside of you / Never good at solo / Close my eyes and count to ten, but I’m still stuck / playing marco polo”.

Despite the song carrying a weighted topic and heavy emotions, it is anything but slow and mournful. TALLOU’s pop-indie style shines throughout this song, with a consistently snappy beat throughout the background and an atmosphere full of fun electric guitar riffs and a light backing vocal track. The simplicity of the tune allows the listener to pay closer attention to the lyrics, while still producing a song that is catchy and sticks in the listener's head. The lyrics tell the story of heartbreak, but the soundscape gives something to dance to. This is a delicate balance, but TALLOU completes it perfectly.

Tiana Dennis, who performs under the name TALLOU, is an Australian based artist who has recently joined the Spotify music scene. Along with ‘marco polo’, she has one other release, titled ‘i promise i love you’, which was released in early 2023. Her songs focus on adult themes of finding yourself and dealing with difficulties in relationships, while maintaining the pop-indie soundscape that can be found in ‘marco polo’. She connects her sound to Olivia Rodrigo and MAY-A, who both feature similar styles. Make sure to follow TALLOU's journey through the social medias below, we can’t wait to see what she has in store!

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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