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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Marigold" - XY&O

I’ve always been a sucker for the little things. Seeing cherry blossoms on the trees, receiving hugs from my friends, heck, even someone calling out to me by name is comforting to me. The point is, ‘Marigold’ by XY&O is all about the small gestures in showing affection. They can easily make the difference between receiving a yes or a no. “Beg your belief, baby I’ve got soul...I’ve lost hope on a steady hold, but I brought you a marigold.” Especially if you’re anxious or fearful of what the other person will say, a simple gift given with intention is a strong first move. It’s really the thought that counts!

This soothing beachy/indie pop tune shimmers in a sunset glow. The warmth in the guitar and drum parts emphasize a natural, relaxed feel. Add tender male vocals and it’s saying, “No need to worry! You don’t have to rush into love.” On the contrary, you’re also presented with a person who’s got a case of nerves in the gaze of their crush. “I want you, trying to tell you but I get tied into mumble and stumble; the more I look at you, the deeper I freeze.” These lyrics are thirst-quenching! They’re totally validating for those who tense up easily, especially while trying to ask someone out. It’s a heartwarming thought that’s beautifully brought to fruition!

If you’re looking for a mysterious, yet captivating band, look no further than XY&O! This renowned UK-based outfit is led by Skip Curtis, a brilliant singer-songwriter from Wales. Their sound is considered “haze-pop,” which includes a hazy electro-soul ambiance that often covers themes of longing or sadness. Since the band’s breakout debut single ‘Low Tide’ in 2015, their music has been featured in several Netflix productions and, believe it or not, The Sims gaming franchise. 2022 is a year of great anticipation for XY&O. After three years of being outside the public eye, their debut album is dropping soon!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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