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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Marilyn" - Monroe & Moralezz

There’s always some danger when it comes to falling in love. A person can have such a chokehold on you, and it only becomes more frightening as the relationship develops. It’s an interesting tale to play with and this is what the Austrian producer duo, Monroe & Moralezz provide us with their new track “Marilyn.” The song is a fun electronic track that tackles the dark themes of addictive relationships, as well as asking how healthy they are truly. The song also features Basslovers United, a group that specializes in upbeat dance music. “Marilyn” is an interesting track to check out as it serves as an interesting story of what dangerous one may come across in a relationship.

Similar to the lyrics' subject matter in the intro, the song catches your attention as it instantly begins with a bang. The beat of the song is addictive and made to be played at a dance event. The chorus of the song doesn’t stray too far from the verse, but it does build up enough to bring the song more to life. Lines from the chorus that sticks out are “like a sin” and “you only played with my heart” because they focus more on the dangers of the speaker’s relationship and how this feels almost evil because the relationship will only lead to heartbreak. The contrast between the song's subject matter and the way it sounds is what makes the song so interesting. Those dark and light elements mixed into one are always a complex battle to tackle but the artist proves to be well-versed enough to have accomplished it. The song “Marilyn” certainly sticks the landing and is waiting to be added to your next party playlist.

Monroe & Moralezz are a producer duo from Bregenz, Austria that began making music since 2009. While the duo explores a multitude of genres, they center around electronic funk or dance-pop music. While they have a clear style, each song does a great job of standing on itself. The duo has gained popularity in the past with their most popular song, “Taxi Driver” reaching over one million streams on Spotify. Monroe & Moralezz show a blend of ideas and a passion for the art they create, and that is what makes them such an interesting team to check out if you’re in the mood for new fresh sounds.

Written By Chantal Charles


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