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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Maroon" - Ariana Fig

Ariana Fig is on a relationship merry-go-round in her new song, ‘Maroon’. She and her partner are going round and round with no real change. Their problems are always the same and festering just beneath the surface. Fig is holding back her words, hoping that her partner will realize that some of the things they do and say hurt her. While Figs’ partner does notice her restraint, they think it means she isn’t in love with them anymore. They are constantly assuming that their relationship, once bright red with passion, is fading into a darker maroon. Fig is at her wits end with this constant spiral that leads nowhere. Yet, every time she thinks about leaving, her partner shows a different side to themselves. She sees the side she fell in love with, and the merry-go-round continues spinning.

The song opens with the lyrics, ‘I fall in love almost every night/ It’s not that hard for you to play nice/ there’s so many versions to you’. From this opening I was hooked immediately. These lyrics allude to something being not quite right with Figs’ relationship. A gentle pop beat accentuates the vocals of Fig, allowing her emotion to feature prominently. The strain this relationship is inflicting upon the young woman can be felt through the way she sings. At certain points it sounds like Fig is getting choked up while speaking of her relationship. Around the three-minute mark a beat is introduced that emulates a heartbeat. What I found to be powerful is when Figs’ vocals are accompanied only by this heartbeat as she sings, ‘you know I hear them all the time’. This lyric is in response to her partner’s constant excuses and lies. While this song is telling a complicated love story, this moment reminds you a real human heart is caught in the middle. This heart always finds something to love, no matter the hurt that it constantly endures.

Ariana Fig has a wide range of musical talents. The young artist can write, produce, and perform. Fig first got her start playing violin in a symphony orchestra. By the age of 13, Fig had started to write her own songs. In the years since, Fig has released numerous singles and an EP. With some of her earlier inspiration coming from legendary artists such as Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles, Fig has worked hard to create her own unique sound. ‘Maroon’ is available to stream now on Spotify!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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