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  • Kasey D.

Review: "Matcha Tea" - Cassidy King

Cassidy King sings about a free-spirited love interest who is unparalleled, flighty, and rebellious. It isn’t often you meet someone who wears shirts with collars or crafts ceramics in their LA residence; so naturally, these details only lure the audience even more. “Matcha Tea” by Cassidy King finds a way to balance the familiarity of falling in love with the unconventionality some individuals possess. You can’t help but feel enamoured by this mysterious yet enchanting soul, and the spell they seemingly have the singer under.

At the start of “Matcha Tea”, Cassidy King paints a story about a lover and her uniqueness that not only captivates, but troubles the singer as well. The song is similar to that of a diary entry that spills about a partner that is hard to encapsulate and decipher. We learn about this directly from the lyrics: “She don’t need nobody (nobody) / She's better on her own / Got me runnin' 'round in circles / Cuz she don’t know what she wants”. From King’s raw vocals alone, listeners get a better understanding at just how deeply in love the singer is with this potential love interest. “Matcha Tea” highlights the insatiable thirst for someone who is unapologetic and nearly unreachable; something many of us are pleasantly (or unpleasantly) familiar with.

Cassidy King is a singer/songwriter from Chardon, Ohio. The singer currently has two EP’s released called Concrete Walls and Not so Picture Perfect. King is a proud, queer artist whose passion is not only to share her personal stories and experiences, but to be an outlet and inspiration to fans and aspiring artists alike. To follow Cassidy King on her journey, consider following her social medias below!

Written By: Kasey D.


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