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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Mattress" - VIBI

A fling is described as a short period of enjoyment. A moment in time that is cherished by those who participated. Though it may be brief, these intimate affairs pack a heavy punch. There's no need for conversations about the future. The two parties would prefer to be tangled together on a mattress. A symphony of arms and legs laying tightly together taking in the moments as they pass by. Sometimes that's all you need. Nothing more and nothing less. Just time together until the entanglement is just a fond memory. Vibi’s new track Mattress details this story of living in the moment with your fling. The intimacy of laying with someone and knowing it isn’t meant to last.

Somehow, the track manages not to be a somber one. With its soundscape rooted in indietronica and the lyricism standing firmly on the bright side of a fling, this makes for a fun listen. Vibi’s songwriting is reminiscent of Tove Lo; the uninhibited punches and raw emotion shine like diamonds through each track. Mattress is a microcosm of this talent. It's a very personal song that many can relate to; the story of star-crossed lovers who enjoyed the short amount of time that they have with each other, but now it's over. The track is an ode to flings and the cure to any post-fling blues. Vibi uses her pen exceptionally well as she tells the story in such a compelling way. Almost inviting you into her memories and giving you a complete visual of the scenario.

Vibi (pronounced VeeBee) is a Canadian-born pop singer. With currently over 3k monthly listeners on Spotify, Vibi is making waves in the industry with each drop she makes. Though she has only released a few songs so far, her sound is very established. She is nestled comfortably in the synthpop genre along with artists like Tove Lo and Carly Rae Jepsen, and that is exactly where she shines. With each track we get a little bit more of her story as an artist. As we learn more about who Vibi is through her music it all becomes a bit more personal. She is a rising star in the pop world and the mattress is just a drop in the bucket.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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