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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Maybe All The Rumours Are True" - CATTY

CATTY's new release, "Maybe All The Rumours Are True" addresses her feelings about being queer when she was younger. While the topic isn't easy to talk about, the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community is a more recent development that still isn't fully ingrained. Being young, feeling confused about your interests, and only seeing hate and denial surrounding the topic is never healthy-- and this is something that a majority of LGBTQ+ children have experienced as they're trying to figure out who they are. "Maybe All The Rumours Are True" describes this, talking about how we feel like an outcast about not fitting into the norm, having qualities that some people demean, and how others say we should be ashamed of it.

The song "Maybe All The Rumours Are True" takes on an alt-pop sound, and with its energetic melody, guitar, and drums, CATTY gives the meaning of not feeling accepted an intensity sure to leave imprints in the listener's heads. The lyrics say, "I wanna love him but I'm looking at her" because as young people, we just want to be like everyone else as being different gets you shunned, and no one wants to feel like an outcast. CATTY then goes on to sing, "They tell me I should feel ashamed/But I don't feel ashamed" because while being part of the community isn't wholly accepted, we grow to understand that it's not something that we can control. It doesn't make us any less deserving of acceptance. It's never something we should be ashamed of, no matter how many people try to tell us otherwise.

CATTY is an alt-pop singer/songwriter who started her solo career in 2021. She started off in a pop duo named "Dusky Grey" in 2016 before pursuing music alone and developing more of a rock-inspired sound. She's established herself as someone who talks about her life experiences through her music, usually delving into life and love as a queer woman. She's relatable, vulnerable, and honest with her songs, and we can clearly see those traits emphasizing her vocal and songwriting talent. "Maybe All The Rumours Are True" marks her fourth solo single, and the artist stands to be an influential icon sure to gain immense traction with her authenticity.

Written by Jane Katryn



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