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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Maybe it's just a bad day" - Francesca Everly

“Maybe it’s just a bad day” is the latest single by artist Francesca Everly that serves as an exploration of complex relationships that leave you disoriented and discouraged. The song has the tone of a classic indie pop anthem, but Everly creates with enough power to make this track her own. The tragic tale painted by “maybe it’s just a bad day” is one everyone knows, making Everly an artist who writes music for the people and herself. The song’s composition is picture-perfect in the way it blends multiple elements to paint a specific atmosphere of heartache. What “maybe it’s just a bad day” proves is there is beauty in pain, and it can lead to the creation of something wonderful.

The emotional intensity of this song is heavily carried by Everly’s captivating vocal performance, her voice is sweet and warm. The instrumentals have a cinematic edge to them, with the use of indie pop style guitars and the way the percussion elements build to provide dimension to the track and make sure it portrays how this rocky relationship goes through highs and lows. “Our love is so strong it makes us suffocate” stands out because it perfectly puts this situation into words, that these two people feel so deeply about each other, but the relationship has become so difficult that it’s now damaging. Overall, “maybe it’s just a bad day” is a song that cuts deep with its honesty and vulnerability, and Francesca has excelled with this project.

Francesca Everly is an artist originally from Rome and is now based in London. She is a graduate of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Her style of music consists of a blend of soft folk and indie pop to create art that builds cinematic landscapes. “Maybe it’s just a bad day” is the second single to be released on her upcoming EP. The first “Flight Risk” gained lots of traction and was featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday Italy” and “Fresh Finds Italy.” The EP is inspired by many artists like Holly Humberstone, Lizzy McAlpine, and Matilda Mann. With “maybe it’s just a bad day” Francesca Everly has developed a poetic tragedy of the complexity of human relationships, and it will be exciting to see what other subjects she’ll tackle in the future.

Written By Chantal Charles


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