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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Me After September" - Caroline Romano

The latest release from Caroline Romano is an emotional track about heartbreak and longing. “Me After September” follows the story of a broken heart that may never be mended. Romano wrote this song after ending a relationship in which she felt moving on and letting go would never be attainable for her. The track is Romano expressing her greatest fear—that her birthday would arrive in September and she would have to turn a year older without him. Celebrating her birthday alone would force reality to finally sink in and accept that they are really over. She reveals through her melancholy lyrics that she is not settling for being forgotten. The hook reveals her stubborn hope through the lyrics, “And pray to God there’s still some way// That you remember me after September.” These lyrics tie together the rest of the track, emphasizing the desperation she feels to cling to the past. “Me After September” is a stunning track composed of vulnerable lyrics that highlight Romano’s impressive songwriting talent.

“Me After September” is a powerful ballad that leads the listener through the emotional story with vulnerable lyrics and enchanting production. The track begins with a guitar that is paired with soft harmonizing vocals that effortlessly set the tone for the song. Then, the lead vocals enter, kickstarting the heart wrenching story. By the time the pre-chorus arrives, the steady beat has been introduced. The song erupts into the intense chorus that carries the weight of Romano’s broken heart. Throughout the song, her voice adds an emotional element to the track that emphasizes her heartache and highlights her impressive vocal control. “Me After September” is a perfectly executed break-up song that pulls on the heartstrings of listeners through every detail—from the lyrics to the production.

Caroline Romano is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Mississippi. At only fifteen-years-old, she released her debut single, “Masterpiece feat. Jacob Whitesides”. Two years later, she relocated to Nashville to pursue her full-time career as an artist. At eighteen-years-old, she released her single, “I Still Remember (ft. R3HAB)”, which kickstarted her impressive rise to fame. The song entered the Billboard Dance Chart and has over 3-Million streams on Spotify alone. In February 2022, Romano released her highly-anticipated debut album, Oddities & Prodigies. “Me After September” is her third single since the album, continuing her new era of music.

Written By Karlee Smith



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