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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Meantime" - Bre Kennedy

Bre Kennedy’s latest single “Meantime” once again shows off Kennedy’s rich vocals and touching lyricism in a mid-tempo love song. She sings about how life can be tricky, and we’re all changing, but ensuring that she still loves and adores someone in the meantime while she focuses on herself. The rawness in her vocals and more laid-back production creates a more vulnerable, confessional-type song that makes it feel she is just wearing her heart on her sleeve. My favorite type of music are the songs that feel authentic, inspired, and honest. Bre Kennedy does this so effortlessly in “Meantime,” and I can’t wait to hear more of her music.

The track opens up with Kennedy singing “They say love is selfless / I can’t be anyone to anybody / If I don’t know who my self is.” We don’t always know who we are or where we’re going or how things will turn out. But, as Kennedy expresses so deeply in this song, it is working through these moments and on ourselves that will allow us to fully show up for someone else. The chorus features soft vocals as she sings “When we’re in the meantime / Know I still adore you” and “The cold hard truth is / Me loving me is loving you / While we’re in the meantime.” Sometimes, we must grow and change and learn to be there for ourselves, apart from those that we love. This is an ode to those loved ones that, in the meantime, we still love them and are expressing that love by learning to love ourselves. Acknowledging that times are difficult, but assuring them that you still love them. She conveys this message between layers of contemporary pop production.

Bre Kennedy is a singer-songwriter from California that moved to Nashville to discover her sound and build her career in music. "Meantime" comes as the third single, following "Navigating" and "Retrospect," off her upcoming project "Scream Over Everything (Side A)" releasing on July 28, 2023. Along with the release of her single, she announced that she will be taking off on her first U.S. headline tour with stops including Atlanta, Chicago, Milwaukee, and more. If you enjoyed this genuine love song or any other release by Bre Kennedy, keep up with her social media and go see her on a tour stop near you.

Written By Sydney Gray



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