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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "MEDICINE" - HCK9

In "MEDICINE" by HCK9, frontman James Brown is through with risking his well-being in trying to help those too dependent on him. However, Brown is fair and willing to blame himself for feeding into toxic behaviors. While he finds it difficult to turn his back on those suffering by him, Brown understands the change begins internally. Unfortunately, letting go of his burdens means accepting the fate of those continuing to self-destruct. But Brown finds peace knowing he's given the utmost effort to be supportive. And in "MEDICINE," he is ready to make himself more of the priority.

"MEDICINE" by HCK9 is a quick listen, lasting two minutes and seven seconds. The song is fast-paced and follows a simple Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus format. Aside from the percussion and possible synth work, the production almost entirely consists of bass and electric guitars manipulated to serve as different parts in the arrangement. While the presence of guitar and percussion is strong, Brown's vocals remain a priority, as he effortlessly transitions between his higher and lower register throughout the track. Although, together, the elements provide a sense of urgency, which Brown reflects through lyrics like, "I'm not going to waste/My time/Waiting around/Just for you to pull me down/When I've been trying to cure you." But in the group's transparency and expressiveness, "MEDICINE" can make any listener revisit their burdens.

HCK9, also known as Half Cut K9, is a band from London that blends Alt-Rock, Electronic, and Hip-Hop music styles. The band consists of vocalist James Brown, guitarist Harrison Blackamore, bassist Doug Beckwith, and drummer Bradley Ratcliffe. HCK9 began releasing music on streaming services in 2020 with their singles "BREATHE" and "RED RUM." Since then, they've added seven music releases to their discography, their latest "MEDICINE" in 2022. Within three years, the band has gained popularity and featured on platforms including BBC Radio 1, BBC Strictly, Loud 'n' Lush, and more. And as consistent as they've been, HCK9's sound is only improving, with no sign of the band slowing down.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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