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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Medicine" - Yellowlees

"I've been feeling grim; I've been dying to hold you up again; Darling you are my medicine" holds so much weight when it comes to the meaning of a true, emotionally-connected relationship where two people really do need each other again because it feels right mutually. Medicine is what keeps our body strong and helps fight illness -- this song portrays the metaphor of medicine as a woman who Yellowlees has a deep emotional connection to and this woman makes his negative thoughts go away. White flowers of any kind represent bliss, eternal life AND solemnity which is exactly what a meaningful long-term relationship has going for it. FLOWERS ALWAYS WORK TRUST ME!

ACOUSTICS! ACOUSTICS! ACOUSTICS! This song has such a great structure with a nice chorus that provides a little more energy than the rest of the song. However, the mellow and blissful sounds of the acoustic guitar as well as the drums that subtly play out in the chorus of the song stand out so much. The background vocals sound so natural like white flowers growing on Earth's soil. If you want to impress your crush, go for the "Medicine" pickup line -- or should I say -- SONG!!!

Yellowlees is a singer, songwriter AND producer from across the pond in the United Kingdom who takes so much pride in his aggressive style of playing acoustic guitar while still keeping elements of his craft mellow. Yellowlees has a pretty interesting catalog with singles like "Eliza" AND "Jungle" being intriguing to gravitate to. On top of the singles and the 2018 EP titled "Homemade", Yellowlees has done tours and live performances at various events which has established himself not just a studio artist but as a performance artist as well. Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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