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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Medusa" - JZMYN

We all recognize Medusa's iconic look, don't we? The popular figure in Greek mythology possessed unique powers, capable of turning people to stone by just looking at them. And of course, who could forget those unmistakable snakes in her hair? In JZMYN's new single, "Medusa," she explores the theme of a breakup. However, rather than taking a typical approach to it, she sings it from Medusa's perspective. It becomes an anthem of empowerment. She reclaims her power and confidence. Instead of the song being slow and sorrow, it exudes energy, fierceness, and an unapologetic attitude.

The song radiates nothing, but positive and confident energy. While listening, you won't find any moments where JZMYN looks back on her past relationship with regret or sadness (“Set your eyes right on my throne. You can’t break a heart made of stone”). Instead, we see her excited to rediscover herself, embrace self-love and reclaim the strong powerful woman that she’s always been at her core. It looks like she’s not coming to play around when she realizes the power that she holds as a woman, just like Medusa: “Wanna see you beg like an addict. On your knees, so ecstatic. Golden skin so blinding. Snake on my tongue come bite me.” JZMYN is making it extremely clear that she’s full of attitude and will have it her way from now on. After realizing who she is and that she’s made to be strong and confident, she won’t take anything less than what she deserves: “I’m a heartless bitch with no patience.” This song was such an empowering anthem for women dealing with breakups, and I believe that the listeners will embrace it. Regarding the cover art, it beautifully represents the essence of Medusa. When we see images of her, we never miss how only her face and head are visible, as well as the unmistakable snakes in her hair. JZMYN’s cover art captures this, while also adding her own unique style to it. It features JZMYN’s face, along with the snakes placed on her forehead and in her hair. Both the cover art and song perfectly portray Medusa and her perspective on a breakup. I loved every aspect of it!

JZMYN is a singer-songwriter and producer from Las Vegas, Nevada. “Medusa” is her first single released, and she produced it herself! When describing the sound of the song, she stated: “This song is a combination of my favorite genres/biggest influences: hiphop, pop, and middle eastern music. I am very proud to have produced the song in its entirety.” On her social media, you can find her singing covers to songs, as well as showing how these songs would sound if she produced them. Check out JZMYN’s brand new song, “Medusa,” out now on all streaming platforms, and stay updated on her next releases by clicking on the links below!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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