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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Melancholia" - VENNA

There’s an addictive quality to falling in love. The slow glances across a room, the eye contact with an underlying meaning, the slight brushing of hands as you pass each other and pretend not to feel the tingles that slowly trickle across your arms. It feels like nothing you’ve felt before, and if we’re lucky, it’ll continue happening over and over throughout the confessions, the quality time spent together, and maybe the rest of our lives. But sometimes, it doesn’t stay, and suddenly the tingling hands turn sickly and heavy, weighed down with doubt and fear till you wonder how it turned out that way. VENNA shares this unfortunate shift with an abusive relationship in the melody and words of this new track, “Melancholia”, telling how everything goes well until one day, it doesn’t.

In “Melancholia” VENNA dives into a powerful ballad with electro-pop influences. It’s powerful in meaning and sound, sharing a journey of how love can shift into a toxic type of obsession. The lyrics come from a self-deprecating place with phrases like, “Would you love me to the grave?”, “I want to waste away/deconstructing you”, and the repeated line, “Help me tame the melancholia”. The words share this dependent feeling on another, becoming obsessed to the point where it’s all they believe they need in order to keep going. It’s all wrapped into a song that represents the highs and lows of this type of relationship—the dreamy feeling leading you in and the hazy feeling that swirls in between the words and her stunning vocals.

VENNA is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and aspiring author. She’s inspired by meanings—the artistic flow of poetry and music, showing that through each one of her songs. She desires to inspire her audience and leave them thinking with her lyrics in an uncontained way. While legendary poets like Edgar Allan Poe influenced her writing, she’s inspired musically by people like Banks and Billie Eilish. From a young age, she’s been into music, writing, singing, and managing to release her first full-length album, “For Annie” when she was 16. She hones her sound around an indie alt-pop, with this new track “Melancholia” delving into a bit of an electro-pop vibe.

Written by Jane Katryn



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