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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Melatonin Medicine" - EÐÐIE

Songs resembling a dreamlike quality — blurred instrumentation in a transient collage of sound — often are described as 'kaleidoscopic.' There's a sharpness to singer/songwriter EÐÐIE's latest single, "Melatonin Medicine," that might evade the kaleidoscope interpretation upon first listen. Rather than containing the ethereal softness of dreams, the funk-pop anthem is the cascading of a restless mind on the verge of drifting to sleep. The Nothing But A Nightmare frontman harnesses the glossy romanticism of retro pop and rock influences, such as Queen, Bowie and Prince, in a timeless, dancepop reverie. The immaculate production filters the flurry of guitars, drum machine, background vocals and synths through the space like a funhouse of pop music's past and present. But it's EÐÐIE's vocal performance that steal the show, demonstrating his jaw-dropping range and control. When he soars into a show-stopping high note at the two-minute mark ("I'd rather be ignorant"), it's a moment of pure bliss among his restless desires.

Not a hint of drowsiness in "Melatonin Medicine," the titular sleep-aid has yet to kick in. Instead, EÐÐIE portrays the deliriousness of fighting an active mind on the verge of sleep. "All I want is to feel a little better," he opens the song with. It's a seemingly simple desire to express, but "Melatonin Medicine" sees the artist's body and mind conflicted on what that means. "Melatonin medicine, put me to sleep," he pleads like a spell. But with complicated love in the foreground of his mind, rest feels like the last thing possible. "All I want is to totally forget her," he exclaims, though indubitably unconvinced, "call her on the phone while I'm counting sheep." Some images and memories filter through in a fragmented blur ("Get your hair done, car ride, waited for you all night," he recalls). As the song warps through a phaser in the closing seconds, we see his active mind drift into the sleep he was so desperate for.

Based in Pennsylvania, EÐÐIE began fronting the band, Nothing But A Nightmare. The rock band went on to release three albums, with their final LP, The Salvation, releasing in 2022. Since then, singer/songwriter and bassist EÐÐIE has shifted his focus to his solo career, which began in 2021 with his debut album, Lowly Throne. The following year, EÐÐIE released a live album featuring all 11 songs from his debut. In 2024, the indie artist plans to release his sophomore album, Grieving Hour. "Melatonin Medicine" and previous single "The Spark" will be featured on this forthcoming record, which releases on March 15th.

Written By Andy M.



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