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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Memories" - Liam Barrack

Everyone strives to hold onto cherished memories, but inevitably, our minds tend to remove the details from our memories overtime, leaving us frustrated. Happy memories bring us joy when we revisit them, but once they start to fade and eventually vanish, we feel a sense of emptiness. "Memories" by Liam Barrack expresses his desire to remember the joyful moments of a relationship, to find that joyful feeling again, and his frustration with the memory slowly fading from his mind. This song also dives into some of his mistakes and regrets, while revealing his realizations and ways he's working on them. All relationships have their highs and lows, but with Liam's relationship, he's cherishing the good memories while acknowledging what could've been done better.

In this catchy pop tune that’ll have you grooving along, Liam expresses his desire to recapture the feeling of happiness that he once had in a relationship. This nostalgic feeling is one he wants to cherish forever - a feeling that brings him back to his favorite memories of a certain time in his life. However, he finds it a little challenging to hold onto this memory, which then prompts him to try and make every effort to cling onto it: “Fuck my brain cause it fails to hold all the memories of you.” He wants to find this feeling again and asks, “Where do I get happy. Show me where the line starts and I’ll stand.” The thought of this person brings him comfort: “All the warmth I need is from your hands.” Along with this, he acknowledges his past mistakes in this relationship, as well as some regrets. Now, he’s reflecting on ways he’s trying to improve himself, with one being that he should have changed the course of his life for this person. He now sees that if he took better care of himself, then this would have allowed him to be a better partner for them too: “It’s time I changed the path I’m on, cause I will for you.

Liam Barrack is a Canadian indie-pop singer and songwriter. “Memories” is 1 of 4 songs from his new EP “Sines and Symptoms”, which was just released a week ago on September 13th. The other 3 songs included are “Sick Kisses,” “Bulletproof,” and “Tryin’.” He has graduated from Bishop’s University in Quebec, and during his time there, he majored in Music and Computer Science. He currently has 7,979 monthly Spotify listeners, with his top track being “Sick Kisses” that has surpassed 100,000 streams. Follow Liam on his journey with the links below, and check out “Memories” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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