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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Memory" - Hannah Sloane

Hannah Sloane Memory Cover Art

With dreams and ambition also comes fear hand in hand, and the journey to cut through those obstacles to reach your aspirations is one that isn’t the easiest. Hannah Sloane’s latest single “Memory” is a reflective indie pop track about her own difficulties with anxiety and how that has influenced her work and musical journey. The song thrives with its dreamy sounds and melodic imagery. The song evokes all those times of internal struggle, and it does so with elegance as Hannah Sloane’s strength and talent shine through. The song is soft in sound, but heavy in its lyrics and this dynamic nature really sells us Hannah Sloane as an artist.

There’s an old-school tone to the instrumentals that makes you feel as if you’re dancing to a love song from the 60s, and you can definitely hear Hannah Sloane’s musical influences here. Sloane has such a warm voice that you just want to keep listening to and it really helps bring to life all that she is feeling. The conversation Sloane is having in “Memory” is one that is tearing her apart, and it clearly shows how the desire to follow dreams can be damaged deeply by anxiety. Her true self is so transparent in this song and it’s what makes “Memory” beautiful. With “Memory” Hannah Sloane has accomplished a great reflection of some of her darkest parts and it’s a great inspiration for others who have shared similar experiences.

Hannah Sloane is a singer-songwriter from California who has been writing songs for a long time. She began releasing music in 2023 when she released her first single “Don’t Mind Me”. She is inspired by many different artists such as The Beatles, Lana Del Rey, Djo, and more, but her own uniqueness still shines through her work.  All of Hannah Sloane’s music has a dreamy wonderland style that makes her songs addictive. It’s music that allows you to ponder and reflect on yourself and your surroundings. “Memory” has given us a great insight into Hannah Sloane’s artistry, and it will certainly be exciting to see what comes next for this young musician.  

Written By Chantal Charles


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