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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "merry go round (carousel)" - Maria Lane

On her latest single, singer-songwriter Maria Lane writes about a topic we all know too well: tumultuous relationships. “merry go round (carousel)” uses the metaphor of the theme park attraction going round and round to represent the cyclical nature of toxic relationships. The lyrics are clever and paired with a stunning indie-inspired instrumental. The track is a low-key rock jam with wailing guitars and a catchy thumping drum beat. Maria notes that Boygenius and Lizzy Mcalpine inspired aspects of “merry go round,” which makes total sense, as the song features a raw acoustic sound and emotionally resonating lyricism; Fans of these musicians are bound to appreciate Maira Lane’s artistry. The track is perfect for a late-night drive—-or just screaming along when you relate. With its relatable lyrics and killer instrumental,” merry go round (carousel)” is yet another success in the Maria Lane’s ever-growing musical catalog.

“merry go round (carousel)” is a stunning track all around, but it’s most special quality is its lyricism. Maria Lane is able to write in such an authentic way that’s bound to resonate with listeners. Lines like “Can we remember how we fell in love?” to “maybe it’s easier just to sit in silence” are simple yet incredibly evocative. The way Maria expresses a failing relationship is so universal. It’s nearly impossible not to relate. Not to mention the titular metaphor which is equally poetic and brilliant. When Maria belts “I can’t get off this merry go round,” it’s such a powerful moment because we all know that feeling. Here, Maria Lane has crafted a track that showcases such a smart songwriting ability, both in its catchy melodies to heart-wrenching lyrics.

Maria Lane is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter. Her songs usually fall under the indie-folk genres and center on emotional lyrics and storytelling. Lane often delves into deep, necessary topics, as trauma, relationship issues, and mental health are all common topics within her music. Her official debut was in 2021 with the track “strangers again,” and her career has only grown from there. Since then Lane has released 9 more singles and currently has over 15,000 downloads on Spotify. In 2023, Lane was even featured on “The Fader” with her song “crying in a cvs” (whose title is incredible, by the way, like seriously who can’t relate?). Maria Lane's music career is only just beginning and you can listen to her discography, including “merry go round (carousel)” on all streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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