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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Message to the old me" - ISA

ISA is speaking to her younger self in her latest single, “Message to the old me”. The track is about what she would say to her past self if she could turn back time. She wants to tell this version of herself that she does not need to feel pressured to be perfect and that making mistakes is normal. ISA wishes that when she was fifteen-years-old, she knew not to take life “so seriously” and to enjoy the time she has. In the chorus, ISA lists off the multiple things she wishes she had done, and wraps it up by singing, “I wish there was a way to put it down in words// Everything I learned// And send it as a message to the old me.” Everyone has something they wish they could tell their former self, now that they have grown and learned what they know now. With “Message to the old me”, ISA uses her words to describe her own feelings, and the feelings of thousands of listeners.

“Message to the old me” is a magnetic track with a unique production that cannot be easily described. ISA mixes the sounds of synth pop and alternative rock to create a song that stands out among the rest. The intro reels the listener in with the muffled synth production. Once the beat kicks off, ISA’s angelic voice takes the driver’s seat, leading the listener through the vulnerable lyrics. Throughout the track, ISA uses a combination of electric guitar, keyboard, and bass to create a production that cannot be replicated. The melody is unforgettable, sticking in the minds of listeners and making them want to listen to the track on repeat. ISA and her talented team of cowriters ensured that they crafted an impeccable track that would be an instant fan favorite.

ISA is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer from Sweden. She made her debut in 2012 with her first single, “Bomb”. Since then, the multi-talented artist has released several successful singles, such as the platinum single, “Don’t Stop”, and her vulnerable single, “Me Too”, in response to the MeToo Movement. After years of incredible releases, ISA released her debut album in May 2019. She has spent her time focusing on not only her own music, but lending her writing and producing talent to other artists as well. On October 28th, ISA will release her EP, Anxiety Boulevard.

Written By Karlee Smith



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