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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "mg" - Riley Biederer

Riley Biederer releases her newest single, “mg” just in time for summer. Biederer says that the inspiration for this song was actually the fact that she didn’t want it to be another love story. However, “mg” turns out to be about being in love– but with yourself and your life, not a person. This pop hit relays the message that it’s okay to not know what you’re doing in life yet, it’s okay to be young and simply have fun. Going out with friends, falling in love, and making mistakes is what makes life count. Biederer reminds us that there’s so much beauty in being a young adult, so just embrace it and have a good time.

Listen to "mg" here:

“mg” starts out with guitar playing softly before vocals enter the scene, creating a relaxed and mellow vibe for the song straight away. Biederer has a way with vocals that makes everything she sings sound effortless. The thing that really stuck with me about this single was how smooth and connected each phrase was. When she sings, there’s no pause or break in the line, it simply flows right into the next verse seamlessly. Combined with the calm bass lines, “mg” becomes this free-flowing song where you can relax or dance to. Just as the meaning of the song encourages you to let loose and do what you want to be happy, the musical patterns mimic this to encourage listeners to feel what they want and respond freely.

Riley Biederer is a popular pop musician who has found much success in the music industry as of late. Biederer was recognized for her musical talent by Elton John and she later went to sign with his international music company, Rocket Man. Along with this, Biederer found fame and popularity through her success participating in hit music show, The Voice, where she placed in the Top 20 on season 9. The experienced artist continues to bring us heartfelt, passionate music. If you enjoy artists like Julia Michaels and Troye Sivan, Riley Biederer is definitely someone to check out.

Written By Emily Hancock



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