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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Midas Touch" - Leah Mason

Leah Mason Midas Touch Cover Art

We've all heard of the Midas touch; where everything you touch turns to gold. In Leah Mason's new single, "Midas Touch", she uses the term not quite so literally as the fairytales. Have you ever felt like you're just the girl that comes before every guy goes off and finds "the one"? You fix him up, make him a better man; perfect husband material, just for him to leave you for someone else. You put in all the effort and work just for someone else to get rewarded. Then, you're back to square one - all alone and onto the next man that needs fixing. Leah Mason claims that she has this figurative Midas touch, where she turns men into "gold" so they can leave her and move onto finding the love of their life.

This song is tragically stunning in all areas. Leah's lyricism is very Taylor Swift coded, emotional, and poetic in it's nature. She uses so many visuals so that you can step into her shoes and feel exactly what she is feeling. The themes specifically remind me of the song, The Prophecy from The Tortured Poets Department where you're just stuck in this loop and you feel like this is what your life is destined to be - even though it's not what you want. Leah has such a beautiful, soft and angelic voice that soars and glides across the soundscape effortlessly. Sonically, the instrumentation has a modern pop beat but mixes in some indie guitar and the slightest bit of country twang. If you're also a fan of Maisie Peters, Kelsea Ballerini, and/or Kasey Musgraves, I promise you'll not only love this song, but you'll love Leah Mason!

Leah Mason is a country-pop singer/songwriter originally from North Carolina who is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. She started her musical journey when she began singing in a rock band at the raw age of eleven! In 2019, she attended Belmont University in Nashville which eventually led her to releasing her debut single in 2021, "Far Boy" which now has millions of streams across all platforms. Just last year in 2023, Leah released her first ever EP, "Honeydew & Hennessy" which gained attention from People Magazine! Leah then made her way to Sweden, where she started recording her highly anticipated debut album. There's no new info on that yet, but what we do have are 3 new songs this year! "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS", "Klepto", and now most recently, "Midas Touch". Make sure to follow Leah below to stay up to date on what's next!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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