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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Millisecond" - SJ Talbot

I always tell myself things will be different the next time a former flame reaches out. The next time, I will set boundaries. I'll refuse to slide back into old habits that got me nowhere. And most importantly, I will not drive myself nuts by overanalyzing every little detail. But that's just what I tell myself - that's not what happens. Instead, I become putty in their hands the moment we reconnect. If they were to reach out right now, I'd cave into their desires within seconds. A sentiment SJ Talbot knows all too well with her single, "Millisecond".

"Millisecond" is an upbeat pop ballad that describes the hold a past partner has on us and how we would fall right back into their laps if they contacted us again - it's lyrical dissonance at its finest. The single opens with the ticking of a clock before the listener's enveloped by a catchy melody with reoccurring hooks that blossom throughout the song. Talbot showcases her incredible vocal range in this single, too. A first-time listener might think the chorus is sung by someone else, but it's all Talbot. She sings the verses with this dreamy, husky voice that's reminiscent of Kathleen Turner (and makes me melt whenever I hear it). Meanwhile, the chorus is sweet and light and manages to embed itself in your memory.

The rock and soul-inspired pop artist, SJ Talbot, hails from Dublin, Ireland. Talbot is a graduate of the BIMM Institute Dublin and a vocal coach. She began her love affair producing music back in 2017. Since then, she's brought us singles like "Envy", "Easy for Me", and the latest, "Millisecond". If you're nearby Dublin, you've got an upcoming chance to see the artist in person! Talbot will be a special performing guest at The Grand Social on May 25th. But if you find yourself at too great of a distance to attend in person, virtual love in the form of multiple and repetitive streams is always appreciated.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille


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