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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Mirror, Mirror" - Abigail Barlow

"Mirror, Mirror" comes as the third single by pop artist Abigail Barlow before her debut solo album Princess Pop releases in 2024. The song channels the tale of Snow White in a playful, sultry pop track, co-written with rising pop artist Gayle. On the track, Barlow said, "I’m embracing my power and sultry side as I offer the fair maidens a bite of the apple. I promise it’s not poison!" The electro pop track is an imaginative, sassy ode to herself and to her queer identity. She does not want to be the princess in this fairytale. Rather, Barlow is feeling powerful and ready to reign. She knows she is the 'fairest of them all.'

Channeling her inner 'Evil Queen,' Abigail Barlow confidently asserts a newfound self-love and power in this exciting pop track. She brings up imagery from the tale of Snow White, singing "I wanna find the seven dwarves and make them work for me." She ends the song with a call for the princesses to come to her; she sings "I'll treat them right / I'll be polite / I'll be the apple as long as you just take a bite." In "Mirror, Mirror," Barlow is confident in her appearance, her queerness, and her future. Between infectious pop hooks and playful lyricism, she has crafted an anthemic song for anyone to enjoy.

Abigail Barlow is a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter. Her glittery pop sound has earned her over 75 million streams on Spotify. Her upcoming album Princess Pop will be a synthesis of personal experiences, fairytales, and theatrical pop. "Mirror, Mirror" serves as a representation of what this album is as a concept. So, if you enjoyed this release, make sure to listen to Princess Pop when it comes out. You can also keep up with Abigail Barlow and all the latest information on her music by clicking on the social media links below. I was hooked from the start of this song, and I cannot wait to listen to what she puts out next.




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