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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Miss Me Too" - Katherine Li

Katherine Li recently dropped her six-track debut EP, Crush(ed). This project consists of songs about unrequited love and a different type of heartache. Li allowed her songs to express this alternate form of heartache by touching on relationships that never were, and the ones that were always one-sided until the bitter end. The final track of the EP, “Miss Me Too”, focuses on the latter. Li discusses a relationship that she agreed to let end because the other person wanted it to, and she did not want to “seem selfish.” She is longing for this person she loved, despite knowing this love was never truly returned. At the end of the chorus, Li reveals the hook by singing, “There’s no moment when I don’t think of you// And I hope that you miss me too.” This lyric highlights the overwhelming vulnerability Li inserted into the song, and the hopeful thinking she is undergoing.

“Miss Me More” is a beautiful song that explores the vulnerable feelings that come with unrequited love and the resulting heartache. The ethereal production compliments the soothing melody, creating a calming effect on the listener. Li’s angelic vocals have an incredible range that adds to the emotional atmosphere of the track. The accompanying music video visually represents this rollercoaster of emotions. The video begins with her waking up in her unmade bed, setting up the gloomy atmosphere. Then at the chorus, the scene transitions to Li letting out her emotions while dancing and jumping around on the bed. The music video continues back and forth through her seemingly mundane life without the one she loves, and flashbacks to when she was happy. The video effortlessly represents the longing she is feeling with the dreamy visuals and heartbreaking scenes. “Miss Me Too” is a beautifully vulnerable track that highlights these difficult emotions.

Katherine Li is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. She made her debut in 2022 with her song, “We Didn’t Even Date”. This track was the lead single from her debut EP, Crush(ed). Despite being new to the music industry, Li has already garnered a massive following. Her second single, “Never Had a Chance”, has received over 2 million streams across all platforms. Additionally, she has nearly 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and continues to build a strong rapport with her fans. Li has had an impressive year thus far and fans highly anticipate her next move.

Written By Karlee Smith



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