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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Miss You So" - NinetyNine

"Miss You So" by NinetyNine is a song about a heartbreak following a breakup. He's lonely and desires to reunite with the person he once considered his forever love, but it appears unlikely despite his persistent efforts. He attempts to fix his mistakes and earn another chance, but it doesn't go according to his plan. Accepting his defeat and the fact that his ex does not desire reconciliation is challenging for him. This song reveals his emotions and the immense difficulty he faced in coping with the situation.

In the intro, he immediately starts singing about being broken from a breakup. He describes the feeling as uncontrollable bleeding, suggesting that the breakup has deeply affected him, causing constant pain and suffering. It's difficult for him to cope with the situation. However, he does hint at attempting to move on with the line, "You'll be you, and I'll be me." There's a sense of losing control and making mistakes, which can potentially ruin the relationship: “I lose control. You lose it all when you trip and fall, fall in love." He expresses a vow to his ex-girlfriend, promising to never leave her and admitting his mistakes by saying, "I wanna tell you I was wrong. I'll never leave." His love for this person was so strong that looking at them felt like a dream, but the breakup is the harsh reality that feels like a living nightmare to him: “You’re looking at me and it feels just like a dream. But this is not a dream, it’s a nightmare.” The title of the song and this next verse mentions that he misses his ex dearly and desires for a phone call from her. He wants to communicate and have another chance to fix what's broken: “I keep hoping you call me back tomorrow. Just got to let you know I miss, I miss you so. All these moments I try to fix what's broken.” The emotions between them differ greatly; he mentions feeling intoxicated while his ex is portrayed as “lost in translation”, possibly indicating confusion or a need for better communication from him. These next lines, "You lock me up and tossed the keys" implies feeling trapped and unable to escape the emotional hold his ex has on him. Along with this, he then mentions his soul being wrapped by her and asks if he can have it back, but expresses being put in a cage and abandoned: “I’m asking could I get it back please. But you put me in a cage and you left me.” Dealing with this breakup, he feels stuck with overwhelming emotions. He takes the breakup hard and believes she's the only one who can alleviate his loneliness, pain and emotional turmoil. Despite his ex's clear refusal and disinterest in giving him another chance and getting back together, he continues to express how much he misses her and wants her back. He acknowledges the realization that nothing can be changed or fixed and resolves to focusing on himself as they go their separate ways at the end of the song saying, "I'll be me, you'll be you," while still continuing to miss her and their relationship.

NinetyNine is an artist, songwriter and producer from Hamburg, Germany. His stage name, “NinetyNine”, draws inspiration from his height of 1,99 meters and his birth year of 1999. Growing up in a musical family, he developed a passion for music early on, playing seven instruments and writing songs from a young age. At the age of 17, he embarked on his debut album, collaborating with the producer and two-time ECHO-Award winner, Henrik Menzel. At the age of 19, NinetyNine secured a songwriting contract with BMG Publishing Germany, leading him to write and produce songs for other artists. The first single of his is called "Only a Movie", which was released just 3 months ago! It’s an 80's new-wave inspired pop-song about a romance that is only playing in his head like a 90's movie. It's the first single of his upcoming EP "Just a Taste", hinting that it's just a taste of what's yet to come!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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