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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "mixed signals" - Taylor H

"mixed signals" by Taylor H is a peppy country-pop song that will absolutely get stuck in your head. Taylor's soft and smooth vocals make this song; they are amazing to listen to and experience. The songwriting is smart and not too complicated, which makes this song fun and easy to listen to. This is the perfect song to add to a car ride playlist; your passengers will love it. The production is excellent and smooth, making this song even more enjoyable to listen to. This song knows exactly what it is trying to be, and it does it well.

The first thing I thought while listening was that this reminds me of the Fearless era of Taylor Swift, which is a very big compliment as it's one of my favorites. "mixed signals" tells a relatable story of someone not communicating clearly with you. One minute they are all over you, and the next they act like they don't care. The other person just can't seem to decide if they want you or don't. You are becoming infuriated, so you give them an ultimatum: figure it out, or else you are gone, for real this time.

Taylor H is an 18-year-old Australian-based artist. She has been creating and writing music since she was twelve years old, releasing her debut single in late November. She has done several live performances, and she kills it each and every time. She is a natural on the guitar, having gotten her own when she was just fifteen. The teen has always had a great love for music, eventually deciding to make her own for others to love and enjoy.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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