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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Modern Art" - Skylar Lee

Skylar Lee released an energetic pop anthem about female empowerment and self-confidence. “Modern Art” is intended to lift women up who second guess their worth. Often times, women write themselves off as not being good enough. Whether it is romantic relationships, friendships, or careers, women question if they were overlooked by someone because they are not worthy. In “Modern Art”, Lee flips this narrative and encourages women to see themselves as they truly are: a work of art. Rather than believing they’re not good enough, Lee wants to remind women that they are a masterpiece. To remind them that if someone does not see their potential, then it is probably because they only appreciate dull modern art. This song empowers women to believe in themselves while lifting their spirits and self-confidence.

Drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s pop, “Modern Art” is a high energy track with infectious synth beats. The production is unforgettable, sticking in the minds of listeners. Lee was strongly influenced by modern pop sensation, Dua Lipa, as well as 80s pop legend, Kate Bush. This is apparent throughout the track, with the combination of both eras of pop. The song is full of feisty lyrics that intrigue listeners and paint the perfect imagery of a pretentious individual. The pre-chorus compliments these lyrics with a presentation filled with sass and attitude. Every aspect of the track highlights the confidence and charm Lee possess—the kind that she hopes will inspire listeners when they listen to the uplifting message.

Skylar Lee is a pop singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville. Since a young age, she knew music was her passion and when she turned 17, she moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville to pursue her dream. She wears her heart on her sleeve which translates into vulnerable lyrics and creative hooks. Her perfect-pitch ear produces a unique talent when it comes to songwriting. She has already made impressive waves in the music industry, including being featured in Rolling Stone for her 2022 hit, “Hotel in a Hurry”. Following down the path of her inspirations like Maisie Peters, Emily Weisband, and Dagny she is garnering more and more fans every day and is making a name for herself as an influential pop star.

Written By Karlee Smith



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