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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Moment” - Brandon Watson

“Moment“ is a pop-rock song about mental health struggles. The artist sings their partner's praises throughout the track. In the single, the vocalist sings about being at their worst and a partner helping them realize their self-worth. By the end of the song, Watson is in a good place mentally. Overall, this track is a chill indie pop song with alternative elements that complement the message of love being a reassuring presence during mental health challenges.

The single begins with a calm melody before the vocals a promptly introduced. The vocalist has a smooth tone that elevates the chill instrumental. A standout of the track would be the bridge. In the bridge, the singer is able to show off their vocal prowess and wide range. During this section, the musician the instrumental fades slightly and highlights the falsetto the artist uses. "Moment" is a relaxed song that has an important message that listeners can relate to.

Brandon Watson is an independent artist from San Antonio, Texas. This artist writes produces, and sings his songs. The singer is inspired by his faith and wife, podcaster Kashawn Watson. The musician released his first single, “All This Time” in January 2014. Although the artist has not yet released an album or EP, since his debut, Watson has released three songs and has been featured on Devious’ single titled, “Letter to My Soul Mate”.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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