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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Moment" - Gal Musette

Photo Credit: Anna Azarov

Recovering from and accepting the loss of someone you love takes immense strength and continual work. Gal Musette’s new single, “Moment” conveys this idea of colossal devastation and loss. The track is an indie-pop blend, featuring exquisite vocals and exceptionally crafted lyrics. Lines such as, “Summon every chance I missed, relive every single kiss” express the inner battle of facing the reality that someone can be here one moment and gone the next, with no warning and no opportunity for an adequate goodbye. The foundations of “Moment” were established over seven years ago, written down by Gal and lost to time, later rediscovered and used as a tool to work through her grief. “Moment” touches on themes of regret, memory, mourning, time and love. Gal Musette’s stunning work as a lyricist, hypnotic vocals and overall passion as an artist set her apart as a unique musician with endless potential for music creation and inspirational storytelling.

“Moment” is a whimsical and heartbreaking track that features piano, bass, drums, synths and airy vocals to create a dreamy and unique sound. The song is a delightful blend of the indie, folk and pop genres. Gal’s mesmerizing vocals are layered and distorted at times, creating beautiful harmonies and underlaid vocalizations. The addition of steady bass and drum rhythms provide a creative contrast to the emotionally packed lyricism. Gal’s poignant and cathartic lyrics express her battle and eventual acceptance of a devastating loss in her life. “Moment” is an honest and heartfelt expression of emotion and healing that many listeners will resonate with. Despite the immense pain communicated through the track, Gal’s soothing voice comforts audiences and provides an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. The moving instrumentation, postproduction editing, lovely vocals and meaningful lyricism make “Moment” a musical experience that truly feels like taking a long-awaited breath after feeling suffocated by heavy emotion and hardship.

Based in Southern California, Gal Musette is a talented singer-songwriter and pianist. Her unique sound combines elements of French, indie and folk flare with stunning classical and modern instrumentation. In October 2021 Gal released her debut album, “Backwards Lullaby” which features 11 beautiful tracks, most notably, “Honeymoon”, “Maybe Some Sleep” and “Julia” which alone has garnered over 46k streams on Spotify. In 2022, Gal partnered with Via Mardot, a composer and recording artist from Detroit, to reimagine three songs from her debut album. In October 2022, she released her single, “Je vois le ciel” an ethereal French song which received an accompanying music video with breathtaking videography. On Gal’s YouTube channel, fans can find live performances, lyric videos, song covers and official music videos. Some of her most successful music videos include “Summertime”, “Julia”, and “Cotton Candy Love” which has accumulated over 28k views. In February 2023, Gal released “Plateau” the first single off her upcoming record. Gal Musette is serving up incredible singles such as, “Moment” and “Plateau”, leaving us on the edge of our seat in anticipation of the rest of her upcoming album, “Pendulum” which is sure to be a phenomenal listen.

Written By Julia Hooper



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