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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Moments Like This" - Amelia

"Moments Like This" is a country-pop song by new artist Amelia, and she is already killing it. The songwriting in this song is so darling; I love it. This track feels like your partner gently brushing your hair behind your ear. Vocals are another strong plus, in my opinion. Amelia's vocal delivery really shows the singer's vocal talent; her tone is unique, and she has fantastic vocal control, as you can tell. The almost four-minute-long track doesn't feel long at all; this song is very listenable and repeatable.

My first thoughts listening to this track were this song gives off the same energy as Fearless era Taylor Swift. This song tells a soft story of love and vulnerability. It's about the special person in your life and how they somehow always know how to comfort you. Their words, their presence, and their touch clear the nasty fog of self-hatred your brain expels. Sometimes you are afraid you might take your lover for granted, so you are letting them know that the moments they help you have an incredibly special and big place in your heart.

Amelia is a Liverpool-based pop artist. The U.K. native has released three songs on Spotify, and the talented artist is making a name for herself. Her wish and goal for her music are to make people feel understood in a way they never have before. She has played several live gigs, and the young artist is just as talented live as she is in a studio recording. The singer cites some of her inspirations as Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, and Paloma Faith.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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