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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Monopoly" - Georgia Lines

"Monopoly" comes as the first single of 2023 for Georgia Lines, a soulful, pop track inspired by one of her childhood memories in New Zealand. She matches the music of the 80s and 90s pop with strong bass and drum sounds. Her luscious lyricism draws from an experience playing monopoly with her family as a reflection of life. Sometimes, you are playing well -- buying properties, collecting money -- and then you lose it all. It's a powerful theme that comes through with Lines' captivating vocals and the song's production. This was my introduction to Lines, and I was impressed instantly.

The track begins with a gripping pop sound and infectious refrain. As it continues, Lines sings about turning tables, calling for a lover to let her go, and pleading for someone to "let me win if you love me." Through describing keeping her "cards close enough" and "trying too hard," we are transported into her mind and struggles with insecurity, taking chances, and feeling suffocated. The vulnerable lyricism is coupled with an impressive vocal range and electro-pop sound that makes it a song you could dance to. Drawing on her experience losing a game of Monopoly, Lines articulates feelings of love and loss.

Georgia Lines hails from New Zealand, where she has been featured on the Official NZ Chart and mainstream radio. She has also been in Rolling Stone Magazine and across several playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Her music can be looked at as an 80s and 90s-influenced pop sound with hints of R&B. She described her track "Monopoly" as one that "fits into a world where Prince meets Haim, layered with MJ stacked vocals." The assertion is one that fits quite well; she could also be compared to artists like Jessie Ware or Imogen Heap. Lines has already begun to make a name for herself, and looking at her most recent release, I expect that we will see her success grow even further.

Written By Sydney Gray



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