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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Monopoly" - Jerusha

photo credits: Sergy Babcock, Tony Pracek

Wanna play a game? We all know monopoly as the dreaded board game that tends to ruin friendships. On this track, it means something a bit different. Jerusha puts a sexy spin on the classic board game in her new song. She uses monopoly as a metaphor to cleverly play with the intimate side of both polyamory and monogamy. Jerusha is the narrator, taking us in pursuit of a partner who seems to be playing hard to get. She uses gameplay references such as "pass Go” to tease this person. They both know where the chase is leading, yet the game continues.

The beat is intoxicating. A conglomerate of 808s and blasting Latin horns transform this song into a flirtatious pop track. The beat makes you feel sexy, allowing you to feel the same confidence Jerusha exhibits. The song opens softly, teasing the ear with Jerusha’s softly sung lyrics. Almost as if she is whispering into your ear. The song then explodes into the chorus where we find the Latin influence. Trumpets and trombones bring forward the beat while the drones of 808s and snaps tie the entire instrumental together. Jerusha is playing a cheeky role in this song; her soulful voice is a perfect addition to this masterful instrumental. The lyrics never escape the gameplay metaphor but you never lose sight of what Jerusha means by playing a game of monopoly.

Jerusha is already a star. She has appeared on Broadway as well as in the hit show Atlanta with Donald Glover. She is consistently putting out banger after banger. From her first track Aquafina to her most recent she is proving herself to be a force in the industry. Jerusha is making space for herself in the big leagues. Her name would look fantastic in lights for sure. Jerusha has always wanted to perform. Her distinct voice and compelling storytelling abilities give her an edge over the rest. Though she started her music career in 2020 she has been building toward greatness her entire career.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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