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  • CJ Taylor

Review: "Monster" - Don Diablo x Felix Jaehn

The latest single "Monster" by the ingenious Don Diablo and the creatively vibrant Felix Jaehn does more than reverberate through the speakers—they delve deep into the psyche. ​The lyrics expose a vulnerability that is raw and relatable, illustrating the internal conflicts that shadow our daily lives. They articulate the feelings of being lost in one's thoughts and the struggles with inner demons that all too often go unspoken. Addressing the "monster" within, the song ties a poignant knot with those seeking redemption from their doubts and fears. With scenarios painted in shadow and light, listeners are invited into a sanctuary of self-reflection where the music understands them possibly more than they understand themselves. Here, the narrative of personal battles becomes a collective anthem, ensuring no one dancing to its beat feels alone in their confrontation with darkness.

The compelling structure of "Monster" is an intricate web of emotion and energy. Starting with a request for clarity and truth, there's a journey from introspection to revelation. It masterfully captures the essence of battling personal demons through an interplay of gentle beginnings and a groundswell of electronic bravura. The mood is an evocative tapestry of hope and fear, woven with the threads of electronic beats and ethereal synths. The voice that carries the lyrics does so with a stirring and intimate timbre, bringing the confessional nature of the song directly to the heart of the listener. It conjures a spectrum of emotion, with a tension that grips tightly—the kind that comes from acknowledging the darkness yet striving towards the light. A symphony of synthetic sound, "Monster" maps the contours of the human spirit in its striving for peace.

In the expanse of today's music, Don Diablo and Felix Jaehn stand as pioneers of their craft, each boasting a rich history of rhythm that touches the soul. Don Diablo, hailing from the Netherlands, is renowned for his distinctive blend of electronic textures and is often hailed as a forward-thinker in electronic music. Felix Jaehn, Germany's pride in the international DJ scene, brings to the table an uncanny ability to produce melodies that resonate on a global scale. Notable accomplishments and a relentless pursuit of evolution have marked their genesis in music. "Monster" emerges as a powerful synthesis of their talents, a track bearing the imprints of Diablo's innovative edge and Jaehn's emotive depth. One can only anticipate what these artists will endeavor next, as with each release, they reshape the contours of not just music but the emotions it evokes.

For those of you who are anxious to hear "Monster," you can listen to it now on Spotify in the link down below and you can watch their official lyric video above, if you want to stay up to date on Don Diablo and Felix Jaehn's latest releases, any upcoming tour dates, and just to follow their amazing musical journey you can follow both of them on all their social media platforms in the links down below!

Until next time guys!

Written By CJ Taylor




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