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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Moody” - Ana Vaamonde

”Moody” is a fun chill pop song. In the song, she describes the weather as moody. Ana Vaamonde details how nobody likes the rain leaving the town empty, however, she is able to see the beauty in cloudy weather. It seems as though the weather is a metaphor for her and her mood because she ends the song by saying she is ”moody” implying that she is similar to the gray weather. Overall, this single is a laid-back song that listeners will love.

The single is relaxing, which is enhanced by the singer’s smooth vocals that complement the calming instrumental. A highlight of the track would be the final stanza where the artist sings “This cloudy day, Hm, yeah, yeah, I’m so moody, I’m so moody, I’m so moody, yeah”, these lines reveal how she is similar to the weather. The musician also has the instrumental fading slowly throughout the final lines allowing the singer’s vocals to shine In a stunning falsetto.

Ana Vaamonde is an artist that has gained popularity on social media by posting musical covers and original songs. She currently has close to 1000 followers on Instagram and one of her most popular Instagram reels is of her original song which has almost 5,000 views. This musician went to Berklee College of Music after getting her bachelor's degree in fine arts. After graduating, she released her highly anticipated debut single titled, ”Moody” in November 2022.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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