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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Mother Always Knows" - Elena Erin

I think one thing we don’t realize until we get older is just how much our parents have our backs. During our “rebellious” teens, we disregard their rules and start forging our own path. However, as adults, we realize that they’re an invaluable lifeline that we can always turn to for support. 'Mother Always Knows' by Elena Erin explores this topic through the relationship she has with her mother. Mental health, smaller social circles, and the end of your youth. School doesn’t have a handbook for that. Erin’s story is introspective and highlights how, in many ways, she still relies on her mom as an adult. In the process, she realizes why her mom raised her to “save herself.”

Erin’s use of call-and-response in the chorus is so beautifully done. “Hey mom.” “My love, are you staying alive? It hurts just to watch you survive.” Her heartfelt vocals are a cry for help to her mom. Then, Erin takes on her mom’s perspective, calmingly assuring her “I promise you’re gonna be fine.” What a precious relationship that Erin has with her mom! Piano synths and soft snares pack an emotional punch, not to mention the ethereal vocal harmonies later in the song. The storytelling is by far my favorite part of this. Adulting is HARD. Erin tells you that it’s okay to not be okay and that you don’t have to do this alone. Her empathy is so validating, and you can feel it instantly!

Canadian singer-songwriter Elena Erin is a masterful storyteller. She brings such a refreshing take on music with conversational melodies that will take your breath away. Like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, her honesty and vulnerability are crystal clear. Her national radio hit “Build a Ship” catapulted her to prominence in 2021. She’s been featured on major Spotify playlists and reached #2 on CBC Radio. She went from being homeschooled on a farm to now taking the pop scene by storm. How cool is that?! Go stream ‘Mother Always Knows’ and follow Erin for more introspective pop hits!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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