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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Muse" - Piper Connolly

Piper Connolly Muse Cover Art

Unrequited love. It’s truly the kind of heartbreak that is like no other– leaving us desolated as we try to learn to accept the feelings that go unreciprocated by someone we’ve grown to adore and relish. Despite the sense of yearning that burns in our chest like a blazing fire, the fear of losing this person to unmatched feelings increases. We discover that, though these emotions may be utterly fervent, we must suppress them, meeting with resilience in order to mask our tumultuous affection for this particular someone. Although the feelings go unmatched, we can’t seem to resist the urge to keep them in our lives, allowing them to toy with our hearts. “Muse” by the talented artist, Piper Connolly, depicts a similar situation in the form of a compelling song. It is a song that perfumes the air with meaningful lyrics that are enough to graze the hearts of any listener, resonating with such deep lyrics. As depicted, “Muse” tells a story about a love that remains unrequited despite the meticulous efforts our artist put in to proclaim their love and undying affection.

With an addictive sound that pervades the air with an upbeat and energetic sound, the lyrics our artist, Piper, sings portray a story that goes deeper than your typical alternative pop song. The electric guitar shakes our souls and the bass that Piper's voice carries is enough to seize our hearts, grabbing our attention, unable to fight off the undying charm the song has implemented on us with such a magnificent sound, Piper's lightly honeyed voice only seeming to add depth, resonating with our hearts. To me, the lyrics to this song touch a deep scenario that I’m certain a plethora of people have experienced before. An unreturned love can be a painful one, and having to suppress those emotions, and mask them in order to remain amicable is a challenging one. This song perfectly describes the emotions one undergoes when facing a similar situation with someone they share a deep love for. “Muse” is a song that many people will find themselves relating to, reminded of former loves that went unrecognized and unmatched.

Piper Connolly, the talented artist behind the song “Muse” is a singer who resonates most with genres like alternative rock, indie, and pop rock. It would surprise many people to learn that Piper is actually only thirteen years old! It’s impressive just how well acquainted she is with the stage and setting of music at such a young age, spending seven years on stage! Piper was born in Arizona, fixating on the idea of singing at such a young age, inspired by the environment she grew up around. With live performances, she captures the hearts and ears of her fans, creating a loving community for her loyal and supportive fans. “Muse” is her latest single, along with her debut single “Twisted Play” which was released back in April 2024. Although Piper has only ever released two singles, she still has a lot more work that she would love to release for all her supporters. Piper is an exceptionally young talent and will only continue to grow as she ages! I can’t wait to hear more of what Piper has in stores for us as such a talented singer, and I look forward to hearing more of her music! To stay updated with Piper and her journey to becoming a big artist, follow her socials!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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