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  • Megan Cao

Review: "My Drug" - Samantha Franks

“My Drugs” is a pop-infused ballad about the struggles of addiction to a person, and how obsession can run your life into the ground. Samantha Franks’ vocals are raw and emotional, her voice filled with a powerful blend of vulnerability and strength, singing about how her world is entirely dictated by one person. The haunting melody stays with you moments after the song is finished, replaying over and over again just as Franks describes the person who runs in her head, over and over again.

One of the most impressive aspects of the song is the way Samantha’s voice seems to grow in power and intensity with each passing verse, her raw and emotionally charged delivery a testament to her incredible talent as a singer. The simplistic, stripped-down production only serves to highlight the depth of Franks’ voice: the instrumentation is atmospheric and haunting, providing a perfect backdrop to the story she’s telling.

Samantha Franks is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in LA. Alongside her sister Melia Franks, the duo has been making music all their lives, though it’s only recently that Samantha has begun splitting off into her own path. Her sister returns to back her up on her latest single, “My Drug”, and you can clearly see the years of partnership and teamwork those two have crafted to perfection. Franks’ talent is undeniable, and her path will only shine for brighter and brighter things - start your year off by listening to her most recent and bombastic single.

Written By Megan Cao



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