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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "My Everything" - Jet City Sports Club

This song, “My Everything” by the band Jet City Sports Club, is about the power of love and how love can make you appreciate the mundane things in life even while the world is falling down around you. Written about a dream the lead vocalist, Lilla, had where someone she loved was struck by lightning, this song really showcases to a listener how even fears like that cannot overpower what love can make you feel. With lyrics that convey the simplicity that love can have, such as “hold me when I’m feeling sad,” and “you’re everything I wanted,” this band has managed to craft a song that is energetic and yet manages to convey the softer side of feeling so strongly for a person you never want to let them go.

“My Everything,” is an upbeat indie/rock track that perfectly balances a dreamlike melody with powerful beats and strong vocals. Starting off with a mellow guitar rhythm and soft vocals, you’re lulled into the song. The lead vocalist remains prominent through the verse, with the instrumentals beginning to pick up about halfway through, building up the tension before breaking out into the bright chorus. The bass and the melody is stronger in the chorus, the music heavier hitting than in the verse. To me, this keeps the song even, with softer moments contrasting the energy. This pattern repeats - verse into the chorus - before starting the chorus again in a much more toned down manner before brightening it up one last time to close out the song. As a listener, this song keeps you engaged the entire time, and the way the melody flows and yet keeps up the sharp energy throughout the 3 and a half minutes makes this track an instant favorite!

Jet City Sports Club is an indie/rock band made up of four members and based in the lovely city of Sydney, Australia. With an enthralling guitar-driven sound topped with bright vocals and engaging melodies, Jet City Sports Club has garnered themselves lots of loyal support in a short amount of time and has earned spots supporting other acts like The Grogans, Ruby Fields, The Vanns, Trophy Eyes, and more! They released their first EP, titled September Sun, in March of 2021, and have since released five more singles throughout the course of 2022 and 2023 so far. “My Everything” is their most recent track, released on October 9th, and is a continuation of the sound that keeps their fans coming back for more. Use the links below to listen to more of their music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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