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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review "My Father" - Lewis Knaggs

Lewis Knaggs has released a beautiful and touching song honoring his fathers passing this year. This song highlights important moments in Lewis’s life where his father was there for him, following through different ages that he had made an impact on young Lewis. He sings through these touching memories with soft rock passion. Between the lines you can feel the pain and the healing that has come from writing and releasing this song. The song feels therapeutic, releasing all of these memories to the world to express the life that he had, and thought he would continue living with his father by his side. His words peacefully drift you to look into a window of the life Lewis had with his father and now how he will navigate the world without him.

The soft strum of the guitar acts as a guide through this ballad that tangles of love, loss and growth. The gentle pound of the drum can begin to act as heartbeat, feeding the song with as much emotion as possible. In the height of the song, we can hear the pain in Lewis's voice. It feels so real as if we are watching these meaningful memories right next to him. This song feels warm and intimate, like a hug that you didn't know was possible. Lewis has a way with sound, capturing the compassion with his words and tone. The use of the guitar seems authentic and human, matching and perfectly and intertwining with his vocals.

Lewis Knaggs is a London based talent. He has a successful career in cinematography, direction and music. Lewis has 16 Indie Rock songs that are released for you to stream, with the newest addition of My Father. He writes and sings from the heart, giving listeners his gift of raw storytelling. His passion for music started at a young age, hearing influential songs from his parents. His mother is from Whales and father from the United States, allowing for a range of music to grow up around. Go listen to My Father now and remember, “Long live the memory of Christopher Knaggs, the legend” Lewis Knaggs.

Written By Cate Schnoebelen



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