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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "MY FAVORITE SONG" - Clide

It can be a painful experience when a song that you used to love and enjoy with your ex starts playing. The familiar melody, lyrics, and beat can instantly transport you back to a time when things were good between you two. The good memories flood your mind, and you remember all the happy moments you shared with them when this song came on. You can't help but think about the conversations, the laughs, and the jam sessions you had together. These types of memories can be bittersweet, but can also leave you feeling heartbroken. Your favorite song that once brought you joy now stings and hurts your feelings, and has you wanting to try things out with them again. “MY FAVORITE SONG” by Clide is a track that perfectly illustrates the emotions and thoughts going through one’s mind about memories with an ex and how they’d like to go back to what they once had when a particular song that they shared together begins to play.

As the drums kick in and Clide starts singing, the first thing he mentions is that his ex has ruined his favorite song. Initially, this statement might seem harsh, but we later realize that he is not being rude. Instead, he is explaining that the song used to be a source of joy and fun when he shared it with his ex. However, now that they are no longer together, listening to it alone brings back feelings of sadness instead of the happiness and energy that he used to feel when with them. Right before the chorus, he sings, “I hit replay, but it don't feel the same. It just makes me cry.” The emotional toll of their breakup is evident as he reminisces about their past. Breakups are challenging, and the memories associated with them can be hard to navigate. In the chorus, the guitar comes in and creates a catchy vibe as he says, “You took my favorite song and made it so sad. I used to love it now it makes me so mad. I wish that I could hit rewind and go back. Now everytime I cry cause you.” The song that used to generate positive vibes and happy memories when they jammed to it together has now become the opposite for him. It now brings a feeling of sadness. Whenever his favorite song comes on, he cannot help but think about how he is no longer together with the person he shared it with, which makes it sting even more. Listening to this specific song now only reminds him of the past and what he has lost, which “makes [him] so mad.” Clide isn’t a bitter ex, nor is he playing the victim here. He even mentions how the memories that this song brought back to him has made him realize that he wants to go back to them, and rekindle those moments that they shared together (“I still listen cause it's all that I have. I wish that I could hit rewind and go back.” This song is probably the only thing he has that reminds him of his ex. After all, it is a song that they bonded and jammed together to. A cute little memory is also included towards the end of the song, which again, is another memory that Clide thinks of when this song plays. He shares with us that his ex would, “Sing it wrong like there was no mistake. I can’t forget it if I tried to.” Lastly, Clide shares multiple times that his favorite song has made him cry listening to it after they had broken up. He just wonders if she has cried as well, misses him, and feels similar emotions and thoughts as he has (Does it make you cry, too? Cry too.")

Clide is a 22 year-old singer and songwriter from Berlin, Germany. There, he currently resides and creates music. Back in January of this year, Clide released an EP titled, “Parachutes” which includes 5 songs with one of the songs surpassing 400,000 streams. “MY FAVORITE SONG” currently has over 99,000 streams. Clide is an extremely talented and big artist with majority of his songs having millions of streams. As of today, he has over 885,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Make sure to check out Clide’s latest single, “My Favorite Song”, out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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