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  • Lauren Lumsden

Review: "My Felicity” - Sophia Sheth

Chicago native Sophia Sheth, despite only being thirteen years old, has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide with her release of her latest single, My Felicity. Her unique blend of pop, indie, and trap production styles alongside the release of an acoustic version of the song has allowed Sheth to stand out in the Chicago music scene as a versatile artist and has established her as a global rising star. My Felicity is a song about friendship, but it could easily be mistaken as a romantic love song if not listened to closely. This is because of the lyrics that explain the deep bond that can exist between friends, the memories they often share, and the desire young people often have to grow up and face the world together. Sophia crafted an intimate atmosphere with simple but honest justice that expresses a common experience most can relate to. 

Sophia Sheth adhered to pop standards when creating My Felicity. The song she’s the traditional pop song structure as well as a catchy melody that can easily appeal to a broad audience. The song also has been getting a lot of attention for its seamless blend of genres that’s making it stand out and craft the beginning of Sophia’s musical identity. This along with the engulfing synths that added a dreamy element is what I believe made My Felicity stand out in today's music scene that’s often overflowing with new releases

Sophia Sheth is an up and coming teen artist from Chicago who is quickly becoming known for her unique sound. She is carving a spot out for herself, not only as a singer, but also as a murky talented artist that writes, conproduces and performs. She showcased these talents on My Felicity and also on her single Sooner or Later that was released December 22, 2023. Sophia Sheth’s dedication to not only songwriting, but in all areas of her music, demonstrates her commitment to authenticity and genuine artistic expression. Her approach sets her apart as an artist and is setting her up to be a competitive force in the modern pop industry.  

Written By Lauren Lumsden


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