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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "My Mistakes" - Nessi

Maya Angelou once said, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” We are quick to tell of the successes in our story, yet we hide our mistakes. In reality, you should tell all of it. You should be proud of your accomplishments and how far you’ve come. On the other hand, you should also tell others of your setbacks and what you learned from them. After all, they could help someone else that is going through the same thing. In her latest single, “My Mistakes,” Nessi inspires listeners to embrace every side of their story.

One thing I enjoyed about this track was the instrumentation. In the verses, the bass is gritty which makes the music angry. This fits in perfect with lyrics such as “I’ve been listening to doctors that don’t give a f**k.” As the chorus gets closer, there is a mood change. It starts with the words “thank god I’m better.” This music becomes brighter as Nessi sings about letting the rain wash away her mistakes. As she sings this, I liked how the steady drumbeat seems to be a musical representation of rain. After this happens, Nessi goes on to declare “I don’t give a damn what anybody says cause I’m so f**king proud of my mistakes.” She goes from being mad at herself to embracing her flaws. Every aspect of the song works to illustrate just how freeing this change is. I’m sure it will inspire other listeners to do the same.

Vanessa Hutel (AKA Nessi) is a singer/songwriter from Norway. She turned to music as a way to cope with hard times. She now hopes that her work will help others in the same way. If you liked “My Mistakes,” you should check out her 2022 single, “In Another Life.” It is an anthem with a catchy piano sound that normalizes messing up. “My Mistakes” is only Nessi’s first release of 2023. She hit the ground running, and I can’t wait to see what other stories she has to tell! Follow all of her socials down below to be the first to hear about any new releases!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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